You or Your Organization May Be Plateaued If… (Part 11)

You or your organization may be plateaued if…

  1. If you’re looking for a “magic bullet” to bring the results your organization needs.

In a plateaued organization, it’s easy to decide that the successes others are experiencing stem from a single discovery or just that one step that separated them from us. After all, we would be winning too if we had just done

While that perception is tragically wrong, it is often compounded by our determined unwillingness to do whatever we think that one thing might be. We see their catalyst to success as compromise, or inconsistent with our values, or that they’ve become something we just don’t want to be. They took a step we would never take.

Of course, there’s far more happening in the successes of others than we want to believe, and the fact that we might magnify the less desirable elements that helped them to that success may show us something more concerning. Still, there was no “magic bullet” fired by our competitors that suddenly led them to better days. They worked hard to create a culture that would allow such a day, made the decisions and took the risks that we have yet to be willing to engage.

Magic-bullet thinking is lazy. It assumes that a simple solution will make us what we are not. Truth is, organizations that have plateaued have traveled a long journey and picked up a host of travel behaviors along the way. Adding a hitchhiker to our journey, even one that seems to have worked for others, seldom creates more than a brief buzz. Magic bullets may change some of what we do, but they don’t affect the why or even the excellence with which we do them.

Fresh vision is the means of breaking from the plateau. Visiting and revisiting the why of our efforts can lead to the realignment and purposeful pursuit that can renew our journey. A new program or product doesn’t change our culture and it doesn’t change us, but fresh vision does.

If you’re stuck in a plateau, stop thinking the next conference or trend will set you free. Instead, look at your surroundings, look at your people, look at your industry and decide where you and your team can find your best fit in the future. Then, gather your troops and rally them toward that destination. Commit to the hard work of a clear and well-defined path and empty your guns in that direction. New vision can get you moving forward, and when it does, one of your competitors will wrongly assume that one of those bullets you fired was magical.

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