Yes You Can

Honestly, I have a hard time not writing on this subject every single week!

I spent this past weekend, with a group of churches in Northwest Arkansas as we wrapped up a year-long journey, strategizing for their future. Wonderful people who are determined to make a difference in their communities.

As I listened to their completed plans, I was again struck by the creativity of God as He makes one congregation to be so unique from another.

I was also amazed at the confidence these friends showed as they spoke their dreams. No one said, “I wish we could…” but every point was punctuated with a “We will!”

I have come to see that one of the critical pieces of church health is the discovery of what we can do and do well. The bookshelves are full of ideas, and most of us acknowledge that we can’t accomplish most of them–at least not with the same prowess as the one who wrote the book. Sadly, many leaders let this reality teach them that the road they want is one they cannot walk.

Don’t forget God!

The creative King of the Universe has assembled your congregation and invested gifts in them that He intends to use for His glory. His eternal plan didn’t skip over your group! So there must be something you can do well–something that can make a loving dent in your community. Find it and give it your absolute best effort!

There is a CAN for every church. Your strength may not mirror the church down the street or match anyone’s book, but there’s a story for you to live (and maybe write) too.

I sat amazed at one small Arkansas congregation after another as they spoke words of faith and hope–some for the first time in quite awhile. They’ve taken the time to discover who they are, how their hearts align, and how their gifts can gel together. Now they know what to do and it’s not something that’s beyond their reach. They are stepping into things they CAN do, and I’m confident that great things will result.

You CAN too!

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