The Journey with David – 10

10. Saul was very angry, the refrain galled him (1 Samuel 18:8).
We can understand Saul’s displeasure with the people’s chorus, “Saul has slain his thousands, but David his tens of thousands.” Perhaps to this point, the idea of David as a threat might have been an inner pang Saul was doing his best to ignore. Not any more.

Saul’s jealousy of David finally boils over the surface when the women of the town dance in celebration of David. No mention is made of David’s response to these things, but given his later protection of Saul’s right to lead, I would imagine he didn’t encourage the women’s chant. But still they chanted.

Perhaps the point here is to let the people do the chanting. Even though David will always act with integrity toward Saul, he won’t be perceived that way.He will be accused by his king and have all sorts of unfair accusations heaped on him by a leader he has sworn to serve. The people’s chants aren’t helping their relationship, but David is wise in not leading the procession of reveling in their praise. People will speak their hearts, but David must guard his.

If you’re not the leader at the top of the organizational chart, people may sing your praises. You probably can’t stop them, but don’t make the mistake of being their piano player.

It’s the reality of David’s star rising while Saul’s fades and falls.

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