The Brotherhood – part 7

The Brotherhood of the Second Cross was established on Father’s Day 2005 where 160 men stood before their wives and children to pledge themselves to purity, self-sacrifice, loyalty, and excellence.

I’m packing a few things right now, heading to a marriage retreat where my wife and I are the featured speakers. My host has told us to expect nearly 100 couples, so it already sounds like a great weekend!

Of course, I’m wondering who will be there. Now, the event is a three-hour flight away so I’m not expecting to know any of those who will attend. I’m just wondering what kind of people–men specifically–have agreed to join their wives for such an event. Were they trapped into this? Are they excited for what the weekend might bring? Are they suspicious, curious, or anxious to learn ways to grow their number 1 earthly relationship?

Whoever they are, I think I already like them.

I like them because they are willing to lay aside a weekend of college football games or great fishing weather to invest in their marriages. I like them because they want to learn and grow as husbands for the good of their children, neighborhoods, and city, as well as for their wives. I like them because their not content to just be their dads, you know, the default setting that every man’s been wired with. No, these guys want more or are at least willing to step into the place where more can be found.

Men who keep growing in the challenges of life are men to be followed and admired. Those who grab a lawn chair and decide that what they know is all they need, end up blocking most of life’s good things from ever finding their house. Most of us readily attend seminars that help us succeed on the job, but giving the same time to improving life at home is a choice many guys never make.

Bottom-line: If you’re going to grow, you need to find ways to grow yourself. Nobody can do that for you.

I’m proud of the guys I’m about to meet. They provide a good example to follow…

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