The Brotherhood – part 4

The Brotherhood of the Second Cross was established on Father’s Day 2005 where 160 men stood before their wives and children to pledge themselves to purity, self-sacrifice, loyalty, and excellence.

Who gets your best?

Excellence is the 4th commitment of the Brotherhood and it’s the promise we make to ourselves. So the best answer to the question above is “I do.”

As men, we are required to wear many different “hats” and give attention to numerous projects and details that affect everything from life as a husband, a dad, a boss, an employee, a son, a coach, even a church member. Lots to do for each of us right?

Sometimes giving our best ends up yielding to just getting stuff done. We can shift into achievement mode and work our way through a “to-do” list with the simple goal of just meeting the expectations. You know, not too much effort. Just get it done and get by. A lot of people live that way.

But such an approach to life ends up robbing us of the best things life can bring. When we do just enough to meet the requirement, we never end up reaching for our best, going the extra mile, or proving our abilities. We just meet the minimum standard–and the life we get as a result has a bit of a cardboard taste to it.

Giving your best in everything you do doesn’t take that much additional effort. In fact, when you give your best, your work proves more satisfying, your relationships more enjoyable, and your life a whole lot more fun!

But the best part of giving your best is that you prove to yourself again and again just how much excellence you are capable of. You also end up growing that ability and moving your own personal bar a bit higher with each try.

Excellence not only brings you the best life, but the effort rewards you with a satisfaction that just getting by will never offer. Anyone can do the minimum. Why live there? Why not reach for more and join the small handful of folks who are enjoying the fruits at the top of the tree?

Chase excellence every day! You deserve it!

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