The Brotherhood – Part 147

The Brotherhood of the Second Cross was established on Father’s Day 2005 where 160 men stood before their wives and children to pledge themselves to purity, self-sacrifice, loyalty, and excellence. Today, hundreds more have joined the commitment.

“Private purity equals public power.”

I heard this great statement from a preacher this past weekend. He was calling the four hundred or so of us in his audience to pursue God’s power, and he dropped these great words like a bomb into our bunkers.

We want power. We want the evident presence of God to drive our lives forward. We want to be good men, husbands, fathers, and leaders. We want to be known for our good works. We want to be trusted, to be men of our word who live with an evident integrity. But the real means to that end comes from what is unseen, what no one is around to observe.

Someone has defined integrity as “what you are when no one is looking.” Jesus offered some similar statements when He called us into our private prayer rooms and told us not to do good things in order to be seen. God sees the heart. So in those private places, who do you find yourself to be?

Private places aren’t just those where you are alone. What about your thoughts? What imaginations do you allow to linger? Are you keeping those places pure?

This week, I moved a freezer out of my garage, prepping it for donation to a local charity. When I shuffled that massive appliance away from its long-held spot in the corner of my garage, I discovered a cornucopia of unseemly things that had been hiding underneath. Dust bunnies had become full-grown ravaging rabbits. Colored liquid had left dark stains in the concrete, and at some point it seems a mouse (or ten) had decided the area was a porta-potty. Yuck!

Honestly, I almost decided to put the freezer back and cancel the donation.

Instead, I cleaned the area fully. Today my garage floor is as clean as the day it was first a slab. But the point is that those areas that remain hidden from light tend to accumulate unsavory things. The same can be said about our lives. If we don’t bring the light of God’s love and truth into the hidden areas of our lives, we may have our own fungi multiplying its disease in our hearts.

Remember, the heart is where we asked Jesus to move in.

When we take firm action to keep the private places of our lives pure, we remove the barriers to His powerful work in our lives. That’s the life you want so take the available cleanser to those areas and let your Savior do what He died to accomplish.

If you don’t, you’ll soon discover a power drain that will leave you living life in your own strength..

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