The Brotherhood – Part 137

The Brotherhood of the Second Cross was established on Father’s Day 2005 where 160 men stood before their wives and children to pledge themselves to purity, self-sacrifice, loyalty, and excellence. Today, hundreds more have joined the commitment.

There’s nothing a man can build that’s more critical and yet more challenging to build than trust. You see, when you attempt to build trust, you can lay dozens of truthful bricks, but one lie tears it all down. One moment of failure, one intentional misstep can shatter years of careful and even healthy construction. On the surface, trust seems like a shaky and potentially brittle creation.

But trust can and must be strong. The shakiness of trust’s foundation isn’t in a man’s inability to be trusted or the likelihood that he’s living a life that’s different than he portrays. No, the brittleness of trust is in how heavy others need to lean on it. Our wives, children, and others in our lives put their whole weight on the trust we have built. They count on it for their own foundation and don’t want to even question its strength.

That’s why a failure to be trustworthy is so devastating for those closest to us. For our children, their entire world is often constructed on the security of their trust in mom and dad. When that trust is compromised, their pile of life-building materials quickly diminishes. Now they struggle with identity and from whom they find acceptance, all because their security has been damaged or even shattered.

For our wives, relationships are the glue that holds the puzzle pieces of life together. Their world can only make sense when the important pieces are firmly in place and solidly able to support their outward reach. When relationships are strong, women are capable of amazing things, but when these key pieces are compromised, nothing seems to matter or make sense.

Men tend to live with a more logic-based center. Do two good things and that should counter the errors. Simple math, right? Men often think that after ten years of faithfulness and dependability, one mistake shouldn’t destroy the whole pile, but such thinking overlooks how critical trust is to the foundations of those we love.

So guard the trust you’ve been given. Never let a moment of perceived opportunity talk you into damaging the trust you’ve been building. Care for that construction with your greatest energy. Enlist God’s help and strength to be the man your family believes you to be. ‘Cause if you lose trust, the road to reconstruct is far longer than you can possibly imagine.

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