The Brotherhood – Part 135

The Brotherhood of the Second Cross was established on Father’s Day 2005 where 160 men stood before their wives and children to pledge themselves to purity, self-sacrifice, loyalty, and excellence. Today, hundreds more have joined the commitment.

What gets your best?

Men spend their best in many different places. For some, their work gets the lion share of their energy and focus. Others reserve their best for hobbies. Many store up their energy until game time and then exert their full attention on their favorite sports teams, while others channel their attention toward a few of their relationships. Somewhere nestled in our thoughts and behaviors is a priority list, even if we choose not to look at it too closely.

Many have said that men aren’t really multi-taskers. We may have many things going on, but we function best when we are tackling them one at a time. I’m not fully convinced of such insights, but I admit that plowing through the to-do list one step at a time usually feels best.

So, if we spend our best in only a few places, which do we choose? We can argue that our financial responsibilities nudge work toward the top. But how many guys have to lose everything else in the chase for more dollars before we question their priorities–and ours?

Spending our best energy on our hobbies or sports teams seems like a lot of fun, but that starts looking rather self-centered after awhile, doesn’t it?

It seems that giving our best to our most critical relationships has the greatest potential for bringing the life we want. The older I get, the more those relationships seem to matter–even to define life itself. A happy marriage, good times with my children, and amazing moments with my granddaughter currently dominate life’s highlight reel. Yes, I want to give great effort for those who purchase a 40-hour per week piece of me, but I do that so I can do something else–live!

Though it seems to cut against the grain of a man’s programming, relationships are the real stuff of life. For many, it takes a few decades of adult life to make such a discovery, but it proves true nonetheless. Sadly many learn the lesson after the relationships they once had are no more.

Yes, you can give your best to more than one setting, but be sure that your relationships to God, your wife, and your kids top the charts. These are the essential kings of your mountain so don’t let something else knock them from that perch.

Sacrificial commitment for those you love is the real stuff of manhood. Nothing on your business card will ever matter like that.

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