The Brotherhood – Part 124

The Brotherhood of the Second Cross was established on Father’s Day 2005 where 160 men stood before their wives and children to pledge themselves to purity, self-sacrifice, loyalty, and excellence. Today, hundreds more have joined the commitment.

 Sometimes the timing of certain events can be quite challenging. Today I had the opportunity to speak to a group of friends. But just moments before, I read Jesus’ words in John 7…

“Whoever speaks on their own does so to gain personal glory, but he who seeks the glory of the one who sent him is a man of truth; there is nothing false about him.”

Many of us speak as a career. We stand before crowds who anticipate that we will have something to say. And the larger the crowd, the more likely our reputation for saying meaningful things has elevated the expectation.

So we do our best to master the craft and demonstrate our capacities for such significant assignments. But how much do we think about the One we’re speaking for? Sure, we know that His Word makes our words more powerful, but which words are our primary focus?

Messengers usually aren’t lauded for their creativity in communicating a message. Instead, those who hear are encouraged to hear the message clearly and think about the One who sent it. While we prefer that people not “shoot the messenger,” perhaps we should be equally diligent in resisting their applause. This kingdom isn’t about us!

What a privilege to speak to people about things that will endure forever! But what a mistake to let our own self-seeking take the focus off of the One who has made such eternity possible. A servant must honor his master and not seek an attention that only can belong to the One he serves.

So, yes, we want to speak well–but only so the truth and love of the One who sent us can be clearly perceived. How much better for people to walk away celebrating what you said than magnifying you for saying it. Remember that plagiarism is taking credit for what someone else has said. When you speak God’s truth, be sure to credit your Source. 🙂


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