The Brotherhood – Part 110

The Brotherhood of the Second Cross was established on Father’s Day 2005 where 160 men stood before their wives and children to pledge themselves to purity, self-sacrifice, loyalty, and excellence. Today, hundreds more have joined the commitment.

Relationships matter most.

Okay, you’re wife has probably tried to tell you that, but guys are typically pretty task-oriented. We get things done, fix what’s broken, and measure the success of a day by how many things we were able to check off our lists. Completed tasks are the evidence that we’ve been there, that we’ve made a difference, that we matter.

But few people come to the end of their lives wishing they’d been able to finish more tasks. No, they do, however, often say they wish they’d taken more time for the people in their lives. Yet, many of us keep prioritizing the things we do rather than the people we do them for.

Unfortunately, many men sacrifice the relationships in their lives because they get trapped in the pursuit of more stuff or greater authority. And sometimes in that pursuit they can reach toward things that aren’t theirs to have, such as extra-marital relationships. So a horrible cycle is launched. Now they have compromised their marriage and family relationships and must work longer hours to pay the cost of managing two homes or meeting alimony demands. Things go from bad to worse and the damage spreads through the lives of their children and grandchildren.

It all could be avoided if we will keep focused on the main thing—those God has given us to love. The time we spend strengthening those relationships proves to be the best investment of time. They give our work meaning and help us maintain a proper sense of values.

So give your best to what matters and you’ll live a life that will matter for generations.

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