The Brotherhood – Part 53

The Brotherhood of the Second Cross was established on Father’s Day 2005 where 160 men stood before their wives and children to pledge themselves to purity, self-sacrifice, loyalty, and excellence. Today, hundreds more have joined the commitment.

Today, people are drawing lines or actually standing in lines concerning a fast-food restaurant and the moral views its owner shared with the media. Those who share his views are enjoying a chance to make their views known and those who don’t aren’t eating chicken for lunch.

Personally, I hold conservative views on moral issues and our culture needs more leaders to speak intelligently and lovingly on the issues of our day. But as I see Facebook photos of long lines at chicken restaurants, I wonder…are we as quick to stand strong and let our voices be heard in our own homes?

You see, many parents–even those of the Christian variety–seem remarkably quiet when their children need to hear their voices on the critical issues of life. Too many kids hear little on sexual behaviors and choices, and the gap leaves them to take the word of media and friends for finding the best behavioral path.

Even in this era of advanced education, kids still get their sexual info from the wrong places. Parents leave these core teachings to schools, churches, or some organizational authority–thinking somehow that someone else is responsible to “teach my kid what he needs to know.” Several years ago, my son brought home a note from school announcing the start of a sex education curriculum. Interested parents were invited to come preview the material and determine if their child would participate. Glad and grateful for the opportunity, my wife and I showed up at the announced time. We reviewed the material, decided it appropriately reinforced what we had already taught our son and thanked the teacher and principal for the meeting. What shocked us was that we were two of the three parents who showed up–despite more than 600 student families being invited.

Dad, your kids need your voice on these critical issues. Their minds are being made up on subjects that will affect them forever. They need your input. Don’t make them wait until they make mistakes to discover what you think.

Parents are their children’s first and primary disciplers. No one else can take that spot unless you and mom abdicate. Be thankful for your church’s help and the help you get from quality teachers, but you stay in the driver’s seat. You have been given the position of greatest influence, so use it wisely. Don’t let someone else shape your child’s values!

In fact, why not have a good discussion with your kids tonight. Could be a good thing to do after dinner this evening–whether you eat chicken or not.

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