Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 66

66. A prophet has no honor in his own country (John 4:44).

No matter what he achieves, he’ll always be the little kid from down the block. First impressions are so powerful that we have a hard time letting new information overwrite them. That’s the essence of Jesus’ point. No matter what He might do, Jesus will always be “Mary’s boy” or “that son of Joseph” to his home town. People just can’t believe that greatness could come from their neighborhood. Yes, they will applaud the achievements of those they know, but they also “know” that He’s just another guy, because that’s what He’s been in their synagogue and at their market. But, in spite of the lack of respect those closest might afford, we should act with greatest honor in their presence. That will give them every opportunity to believe in what we have become.

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