Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 62

62. “…so that the sower and reaper may be glad together” (John 4:36).

I’ve typically heard this passage in the context of usually being a sower and hoping someday a reaper will finish the job, or as a reminder that when I reap, I should be thankful for the one who planted the first seed. Surely, that’s a good use of this Scripture. But the real idea is that the harvest is ready sooner than you think. Sower and reaper can be glad together because they’re doing their work almost simultaneously–as though they might run into each other out there in the field. That’s Jesus point in rejecting the idea that the harvest is four months off. It’s now–people are ready now. We should be sowing with the expectation of reaping as well. Jesus is telling His disciples that “we’re not just planting a few seeds,” but that the day of salvation has fully come for those who will receive–like the woman they just looked past on their way back from lunch.


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