Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 340

  1. But these are written that you might believe… (John 20:31).

The choice to believe confronts us as we look at the evidence of Jesus’ miracles. At least John is convinced that it should. How can such a list of powerful displays not stir the thought that Jesus is more than man, more than magician, more than any of the rest of us? This is God in the flesh–John’s first point in this book. And now he brings his treatise to its decision point. But will you believe? Miracles that stand alone may be discounted or explained away, but hundreds of them? How can this be except that God is among us? But, again, will you believe? What is the threshold of miracle stories that must be reached before you know what John knows? Are five miracles enough? Fifty? The evidence is before you, but the final act is yours alone.


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