Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 331

  1. He saw…and believed (John 20:8).

As John provides the actual play-by-play of that first Easter discovery, he reveals the key internal moment for his own life. As he entered the tomb, after some hesitancy, he says that’s when I believed. Is it the only explanation? Perhaps so. If the body was stolen as Mary feared, why unwrap it? Surely, even the pagan Romans wouldn’t do something so…so…He must be alive! There’s little doubt that John loved Jesus, and that he believed that Jesus had come from the Father, and that He was indeed the Son of God, but in this moment all that he believed was meant to mean became clear. The realization, the wonder, the question of ever seeing Jesus again all mix to make this the awe-inspiring moment it is for the disciple whom Jesus loved. It’s that moment when you know you’ll never turn back, and every disciple needs one.


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