Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 328

  1. He was accompanied by Nicodemus (John 19:39).

Here’s another man stepping from the shadows of faith. One wonders at the intellectual and emotional roller coaster Nicodemus rode through the life and ministry of Christ. He made his bold move, coming to Christ at night with his questions. Now, he stands alongside his latecomer friend, Joseph, as they make their contribution to the story. Did Nicodemus resist the actions of the high priest? Was he a voice for Jesus and righteousness as the religious leaders plotted their evil. Or did he stand silently by. More concerned with preserving his place and his quiet approach to Jesus? If he did, then these are the actions of a man too late (at least in the current moment). What he couldn’t do before, he now finds the courage to do in this moment. The actions of these two, Joseph and Nicodemus, ought encourage us to bring our faith in Christ into the bright light of public awareness. Yes, there may be cost, but what is the price of waiting too late to let our faith be seen?


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