Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 326

  1. “It is finished’ (John 19:30).

I wonder if the disciples heard Him? Clearly John did as he records this moment for us, but his position seems near the front, next to Mary, close enough to receive Jesus’ final instructions for his life. But what of the others and how might they have interpreted this statement. You see, they didn’t understand the nature of His death. They only saw the end of their hopes, the end of their ideas, the end of…Him. So perhaps in their ears, “it is finished” sounded like the acknowledgment of defeat–the “I tried but they would not” acknowledgement of a son who has failed his father’s mission. To them, his words may well have been a concession speech to the power and authority of the victorious religious leaders. “It is finished” means there will be no more. Nothing…but maybe a return to the family fishing boats with nothing left but thoughts of what might have been.

But Jesus wasn’t finished…he was finishing something forever.


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