Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 292

  1. “This makes us believe that you came from God” (John 16:30).

What makes you believe that Jesus came from God? For the disciples, it seems the light was dawning as they heard Him speak of His close connection and even conversations with the Father. It’s as though they thought, You talk like you know Him…You must be… Yes, they were beginning to understand. Certainly the resurrection provided the final proof that convinced them to even sacrifice their lives for this truth. But what makes us believe? We haven’t walked with the Incarnate Jesus. We hold the resurrection as historical fact, not splendid surprise. Do we believe because we were raised to believe, because we have seen evidence of His hand, because we have seen what is unseen? We ought ask this question, if for no other reason than to measure the firmness of our grip on truth. If we are “sure” that He came from the father, then no challenge or temptation should steer us from that confidence, not even the threat of persecution.  

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