Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 273

  1. “fruit that will last” (John 15:16).

Fruit doesn’t last long. Place a bunch of bananas on a counter for a few days, and you won’t have to wait long to see my point. Few tastes set one’s teeth on edge like biting into the first grape in the bunch to start spoiling. In general, fruit has a season and you violate that season at your own risk. So how does one bear fruit that remains? Surely, that takes something more. Now, Jesus isn’t speaking of fruit in the garden-variety sense; nonetheless, spiritual fruit spoils easily too, if it’s left without appropriate care. For Jesus, intense investment in a few disciples seems to be the path for producing lasting fruit. We tend to be a little more fixated on crowd size. We want a wider reach when Jesus clearly targeted a deeper one. Maybe that’s because we want a name for ourselves and He wants an eternity for others.

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