Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 268

  1. “My command is this: Love one another” (John 15:12).

Here it is. Jesus’ principal command. Nothing else matters like this does. It’s interesting that we often talk about obeying Jesus, but I’m not sure we’re specifically thinking of this command when we do. For us, obedience to Christ often takes the form of abstaining from various sinful choices or focusing our energies on kingdom expansion. But real obedience should start with that which Jesus put at the top of the list–love for one another. The apostles ultimately came to understand this. John would later write that if we can’t love the guy we see, we’re fooling ourselves if we think we’re loving the One we can’t see. Paul even got on board with this idea when he spoke of being nothing more than noise without love for one another. This is the core assignment, and as we will later hear Jesus say, this is how others will know that we are His disciples. Nothing else matters like this.

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