Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 244

  1. “and he will give you another Counselor” (John 14:16).

The word “another” attempts to describe something in terms of something else that is familiar–what you don’t yet know will be like something you already do know. In this case, the unknown is the Holy Spirit, but the known is Jesus himself. Jesus is saying that the Holy Spirit will be like Him, or provide for them something similar to what He has been providing. He is another Counselor. When we think of all Jesus had been providing in their journey–power, direction, teaching, decision-making–we realize that the role of the Holy Spirit is vast and that we will want to be just as dependent on the Holy Spirit as those original disciples had become dependent on Jesus. Later, Jesus will elaborate on this point, describing the Holy Spirit through His many roles in our journey. But the essential point here seems to be that the Holy Spirit will be everything we need and we will most definitely need on the road ahead. He will guide us and equip us for a path that proves greater than our capacity.

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