Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 231

  1. “I will lay down my life for you” (John 13:37).

It’s been quite a chapter for Simon Peter. Chapter 13 began with Jesus’ washing His disciples’ feet and Peter initially resisting his Master’s touch. Now, as he understands Jesus to be explaining the result of rising opposition, Peter tries again–this time insisting that he is ready to die with and for his Master as well. And, once again, Peter’s need to put himself forward is met with correction. He’s like a lot of us. We try hard. We want to insert ourselves into stories that aren’t ours to live. We want to do right, be right, and seldom give thought that we might need to just be still and do nothing. The moments confronting Jesus aren’t Peter’s to direct or control. Just as much of our lives aren’t ours to dictate either.

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