Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 180

180. “Lord,” Martha said to Jesus. “If you had been here…” (John 11:21).

Many of us live with that same approach to God in our difficult circumstances. We think if He had shown up, something would have unfolded differently. Certainly, we can understand Martha’s pain and frustration. Grief is a time where the filter tends to drop and we say what we feel, even if on other days we would not be so blunt. But, from her vantage point, what she says would seem to be true. What Martha doesn’t yet understand is that Jesus’ physical absence doesn’t mean He was disconnected from her need. In fact, He has been fully aware of Lazarus’ condition throughout these days. The same is true for us in our crises. God is aware and He has a plan for our situations just as He did for Lazarus’ moment in focus. We can have confidence that He is always aware and always at work.

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