Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 145

145. “You belong to your father, the devil” (John 8:44).

Most people imagine a middle ground between God and Satan, a sort of undecided vote they hold in their hands. Here, Jesus tells these religious leaders that because they don’t believe in Him, they belong to their Father, the devil. Yes, that’s right! The murdering, lying, Prince of Darkness is the author of the lives they now live. In a few sentences, they’ve gone from children of Abraham to children of the devil. No surprise that they found such words offensive. But Jesus isn’t trash talking these Jews. He’s telling them a truth they are reluctant to process. They are trapped in their sin and blinded by the pride Satan has dished out in abundance. They can’t see, and with his help, they refuse to see the truth that stands before them–the truth that could set them free. Abraham would see it, but then again, Abraham lived by faith.


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