Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 134

134. No one seized him, because his time had not yet come (John 8:20).

The religious leaders have been locked in an intense battle with Jesus, and it’s hard to imagine modern leaders accepting his words any more easily. You simply can’t be argued into faith. But John’s final observation likely hints at the intensity of the debate. Why did they not take Jesus into custody? Apparently John (and the others) expected such, but it didn’t happen. And the only explanation he can give is that it must not have been His time yet. Of course, writing five decades later John knows the story’s end so he can offer such an explanation with confidence. But the Pharisees’ struggle and John’s explanation underline the truth about Jesus. He was only believable by faith. Those who tried to reason their way to understanding had too many available off ramps. Only those who put their faith in Him could see who He really is. And not much has changed since…

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