Notes from the Journey with David – 1

I love following the roads walked by the greatest biblical leaders and am often amazed at how many of them faced some of the same challenges that have confronted me. David is one of my favorite leaders to study.

David’s journey of leadership offers insights into many of the twists and turns even modern leaders face. His rise to leadership lurched forward and backward with many moments David could not control. Join me in walking with David to discover what leadership is really like and how the leader can respond most effectively.

1. Saul will hear about it and kill me (1 Samuel 16:2).
David’s entry point into the kingdom came amid some controversy. Saul had been rejected as king, yet still held the office. This was a reality that would last several years, until David was fully ready to assume leadership. Samuel understands the tension of the day when he utters this verse to God. Even this great spiritual leader knows the risk he is taking in aligning himself with a future that doesn’t include King Saul or his sons.

David is the young man that will soon be anointed by Samuel and proclaimed as the next king of Israel. But this will be no overnight journey and Saul will respond with violence, seeking to destroy David at every turn. David’s patience and righteousness, coupled with God’s provision, would ultimately bring David to the strongest possible kingdom.

Often the path to a leadership isn’t smooth at all. Though David is God’s choice, he is not yet the choice of the current leaders or the people they represent. God has found David to possess the right heart and potential to lead the entire nation, but David will have to maintain that heart and grow that potential through the long road of rejection and disappointing battles ahead.

THE POINT: Don’t let the road to leadership change you no matter where it turns. You won’t want to finally get there and no longer be the best person for the job.

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