Notes from the Journey with David – 98

98. Summon also Hushai the Arkite so we can hear what he has to say (2 Samuel 17:5).
Hushai is the spy David employs in Absalom’s camp. It seems interesting how quickly Absalom was willing to accept the Arkite. His initial suspicions were apparently satisfied rather easily. Now Hushai’s advice will buy David the time he needs to organize his own forces. Here, the obvious message is to be careful how quickly you accept someone from the “other side.” Loyalty should be proven, not assumed. Just because Hushai has an excellent reputation among David’s people doesn’t mean he will be operating out of pure motives for Absalom. The young rebel’s pride in attaining one of his father’s men outweighs his wisdom in this account. He listens to Hushai over those who have pledged loyalty to him and he will lose his opportunity for victory over David.

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