Notes from the Journey with David – 95

95. Today the house of Israel will give me back my grandfather’s kingdom (2 Samuel 16:3).
After all of David’s kindnesses to Mephibosheth, the latter decides to play a waiting game in the current conflict to see if he can gain the kingdom for himself. He can’t and he won’t, but his actions show what a leader can expect from a former enemy he has tried to make a friend. Unless determined not to be, people are generally selfish and self-centered. That Mephibosheth eats at the king’s table has not changed his heart or his belief that the kingdom should belong to his own household. When he returns, David will give all that Mephibosheth has to his servant, Ziba, who has shown great loyalty to David in this difficult hour. Mephibosheth had been blessed because of his grandfather. Now his own actions will cost him that blessing.

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