Notes from the Journey with David – 85

85. The king asked him, “Why should he go with you?” (2 Samuel 13:26).
It had been two years since Amnon’s violation of Tamar and David knows things aren’t right between Amnon and Absalom, so why does he not see the likely confrontation in Absalom’s request. He wants opportunity to kill Amnon. Surely David senses trouble, but since he had not dealt with Amnon’s sin, he’s hardly in a place to deal with Absalom’s rage. David’s avoidance of such things could be related to his guilt over the Bathsheba encounter. The truth is, if a leader doesn’t do what is right and doesn’t hold those close to him accountable for their actions, his ability to rule anyone is compromised. That weakness in David is about to take over his leadership efforts.

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