Notes from the Journey with David – 81

81. Otherwise I will take the city and it will be named after me (2 Samuel 12:28).
Joab has been alone leading the army. At first blush, it’s hard to tell whether these words are a threat, a fear, or an acknowledgement of dissension in the ranks. Either way, Joab opens the door for his king to demonstrate that he is the leader. If Joab takes this city without David, he will be lauded by the men. David must return to battle and demonstrate his leadership in this victory. Kudos to Joab for being mindful of the need for his king to be seen victorious. Currently David isn’t proving worthy of such loyalty, but Joab acts rightly anyway. Those who serve must put the good of the kingdom and their king ahead of their own benefit. That’s the nature of being a servant.

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