Notes from the Journey with David – 8

8. I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty (1 Samuel 17:45).
I can imagine David’s speech to Goliath being one of the most pleasureful earthly moments Heaven ever saw. David’s words clearly proclaim God’s presence with Him and his absolute confidence that God supported his mission that day. The confidence of David’s words strikes me deeply. Who wouldn’t want to live with that kind of assuredness? Certainly David’s unlikely victory with a small stone makes a remarkable story, but his speech may be one of the greatest expressions of faith.

To look at the battlefield that day, one could easily agree that God’s help will be the only means of success for David. But none of the other warriors had confidence in God’s help. If He won’t help them, why would He help David? So David’s words would sound foolish to the army of Saul–familiar, but foolish. They had likely heard the same sermons of God’s power that we hear, but David’s actions attempt to trust in those familiar words.

David’s choice to live the words of confidence in God is what faith is all about. He took up God’s cause, dependent on God’s strength, and he ran forward with the body of a boy, but the voice of a champion. Little wonder that God aided the aim and force of a small stone.

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