Notes from the Journey with David – 73

73. Stay at Jericho until your beards grow back (2 Samuel 10:5).
David’s men have suffered humiliation while on an errand for him. While his response of judgment on the offenders will be swift and thorough, his care for his men also is worth noting. For foreigners to see David’s men humiliated is reason for war, but David also takes the extra step of protecting his men from the shame they would feel if exposed before their countrymen. David doesn’t exploit their humiliation to gather further support for the upcoming battle. Nor does he count on the anger of these men to help him win the battle. He shields these men from public display and takes others to fight the battle for these shamed friends. Clearly David puts what is good for them ahead of other possible agendas. David puts the needs of these men first. I would imagine their loyalty to him increased in spite of the humiliation they have suffered in serving him.

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