Notes from the Journey with David – 71

71. He always ate at the king’s table and he was crippled in both feet (2 Samuel 9:13).
David’s act toward Mephibosheth is not about charity or demonstrating kindness to the disabled. Instead, David values the man because of who he is. Had he simply wanted to show kindness, David’s gift of the land, possessions, and servants of Saul’s family would more than suffice, but David wanted Mephiboseth around. It’s too easy for the modern leader to value his team simply based on what they bring to the table–what they can do. But God gave each of us value that isn’t defined in such a limited way. Those who only value the performance or abilities of others fall into the trap of using people for their agendas. But those who give value to people for more God-like reasons build relationships that strengthen and enrich their own lives.

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