Notes from the Journey with David – 7

7. When a lion and a bear came… (1 Samuel 17:34).
David’s defense of his preparation to meet Goliath is based on earlier, and perhaps lesser, battles. He is not venturing into unknown territory, but has conquered before. Saul could perhaps testify to having killed 6’5” warriors, but somehow hadn’t grasped God’s role in his victories. If he had, perhaps he would have found the courage to fight another battle.

When I think I win my “me-sized” battles on my own, I gain no faith for those battles that are larger than me. Instead, I end up working from my own strength, unaware that there is a reservoir of power I could be living in. When I see my daily victories as evidence of God’s presence with me, I begin to retrain my mind and my expectations to look beyond my own capacity and trust more greatly in His.

David killed a lion and a bear and emerged with thanksgiving for God’s presence and help. Saul had defeated many warriors and emerged with thoughts of his own greatness. Little wonder that David was more ready to face Goliath.

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