Notes from the Journey with David – 53

53. Why did you let him go? Now he is gone! (1 Samuel 3:24).
The conflict was inevitable. Joab has been the leader of David’s men. Now Abner, Saul’s general, has joined David too. This is the same Abner who killed Joab’s younger brother. So David’s ability to make peace with Abner will not easily transfer to Joab’s heart. It seems David doesn’t try, giving no orders to Joab concerning Abner. Perhaps Joab convinced David to be suspicious. At any rate, he allows Joab to retaliate unchecked and Joab will kill Abner. While we don’t know David’s heart in this matter, it seems he fails to lead and it costs him a potentially valuable team member. Leaders must dictate mutual respect among the team, even when the issues that separate them seem legitimate.

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