Notes from the Journey with David – 5

5. Choose a man and have him come down and fight me (1 Samuel 17:8).
Little wonder Saul and his men were terrified. Why would they agree to a one-on-one confrontation for all the marbles? There were no nine footers in the Israelite camp. Goliath posed a size and technology beyond any strategy Saul could conceive. This is the nature of spiritual warfare. The battle is always larger than we can possibly manage or win. Yet, here is where God leads us and when He moves us forward, it’s with the clear sense that we cannot win the battle.

Why does God allow and even use “impossible” situations in our lives? Are the setbacks and overwhelming challenges a part of His work or can we rightly blame the Devil and act as though God’s plan is to avoid such moments? Truth is…the challenge isn’t our moment, but God’s. The Goliath moment was too great for Saul to answer, but it wasn’t too great for a kid who would trust God.

All of us face moments that threaten to break us and even take everything we’ve built away from us. These are God moments–moments where our trust in Him can rise to the surface and bring us a victory that will establish our future. That’s what happened for David. The impossible moment for an army became the God moment for a young shepherd and his sling.

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