Notes from the Journey with David – 49

49. (If you had not spoken, the men would have continued their pursuit (2 Samuel 2:27).
Abner’s reminder to Joab of the nature of their fight shook the latter from his vengeful chase and helped them recognize that theirs was a war of brothers. Though Joab would harbor a desire for revenge for his brother Asahel’s death, this was the edge of war–a war that could destroy the kingdom both men were trying to build. Ultimately both of these rivals would prove valuable to David, but now was the time to join forces for a greater Israel. Abner will relent and give up his defense of IshBosheth and join David’s kingdom. Joab will captain his army in the great expanse ahead of the nation. Both have an important future that killing each other would destroy. Sometimes, one must step back and give priority to the big picture. If a leader fails to do so, he will end up fighting battles that hinder his true goals.

One thought on “Notes from the Journey with David – 49

  • January 21, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    The time we are given on earth can greatly be diminished in ‘Kingdom Building’ when we fight amongst our brothers. Let’s stay on course and let God do the fighting!


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