Notes from the Journey with David – 45

45. Meanwhile Abner…had taken IshBosheth son of Saul and…made him king (2 Samuel 2:8).
Often there are people who work THEIR plan regardless of whether it is THE plan. While Abner may have found a way to justify taking the action of selecting a king on himself, no fair reading of Scripture would make that decision his responsibility. While the paradigm has only been used twice so far, God is the Kingmaker and Samuel had been His mouthpiece. Now that Samuel is dead and David’s anointing moment is long forgotten by many, placing Saul’s son on the throne seems logical, and yet IshBosheth is not mentioned in battle accounts and likely isn’t as obvious a choice as Abner may think. Thrones don’t stay vacant long. We fill them quickly even if the candidate isn’t truly worthy.

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