Notes from the Journey with David – 4

4. …a son of Jesse of Bethlehem who knows how to play the harp (1 Samuel 16:18).
Interesting juxtaposition of Saul and David. One has just been filled with the Spirit of the Lord and one has just lost that same Spirit.

I find it interesting that of all the harpists in Israel, Saul’s men suggest David for the task. This is the same David that Saul finds threatening and even will ultimately want to see dead. Not exactly the best resume information for getting a palace job!

Clearly Saul’s own men see in David what they once saw in their master so they concoct this plan to bring the latter to the palace. Are they hoping for a coup? Surely David has no such thought, but it’s clear that the presence of the Spirit of God on David already has even Saul’s household ready for change.

While I don’t want to presume too much intrigue on the story, it’s hard to miss the unusual nature of this turn of events. Perhaps the point is to see how Saul’s men could recognize the presence of God’s Spirit on David, even though Saul might define David as his biggest problem. When the Spirit of the Lord is on a leader, even those with motive to look the other way can’t resist finding ways to be a part of what God is doing.

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