Notes from the Journey with David – 37

37. David recovered everything the Amalekites had taken (1 Samuel 30:18).
Much has been restored in David’s life. His focus on God and trust in His direction has been renewed. His life as a leader has been re-established in a strength not known since his last encounter with Saul. And now, what others had tried to take from him has been recovered from the raiding Amalekites. David’s renewed pursuit of God’s direction has brought him back on the course God has for his life too. And seemingly just in time. The end of Saul’s kingdom is at hand.

Perhaps this moment in David’s story demonstrates the importance of getting back on track…NOW! Keeping your heart sensitive to God’s direction is critical for all of us, but a leader must make it an even greater priority. What God wants to do through us may is waiting…

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