Notes from the Journey with David – 33

33. If I have found favor in your eyes (1 Samuel 27:5).
It seems that in his weariness over the Saul matter, David has run to a land that will fear him. After all, he is the one who killed the Philistine champion so the region of Goliath’s hometown likely would fear David’s presence. When he asks Achish for a place to settle, he does so with proper respect, but I would imagine Achish is highly motivated to offer David anything he asks. David’s presence in Philistia underscores the human tendency to respond to setbacks by returning to places of former victory and confidence. When we lose a battle, we often want to visit a former battleground where our strength and success were evident. This is likely why David led himself to Philistia rather than continuing to trust God in his conflict with Saul.

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