Notes from the Journey with David – 30

30. If, however, men have done it, may they be cursed… (1 Samuel 26:19).
The influence of friends is powerfully evident in Saul’s life. When he encounters David, his heart melts into repentance. Yet somehow he is incited to pursue David again and again. It seems David is convinced that Saul’s companions are to blame. Of course, Saul remains guilty for following their influence, but the point is clear–We are subject to the encouragements we surround ourselves with. David, conversely, cannot be talked into killing Saul, even by his closest companions. He holds firm to his resolve to do right, even when others would glad excuse a different response. This chapter offers the contrast of two leaders–one who is repeatedly weakened by insecurity and one who remains confident of his future even though his present circumstances are quite unfair.

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