Notes from the Journey with David – 3

3. From that day on the Spirit of the Lord came upon David (1 Samuel 16:13).
I started studying David for this very reason. The road from his anointing moment to the kingship he’d been promised was a lengthy one–one where David would learn many critical lessons. Like you, I want to learn those lessons, but I am greatly encouraged by the presence of the Spirit in David’s life from day one. That’s the strength I want to live in regardless of the landscape before me.

Many times the gap between having the title and being the leader is longer than we expect. Numerous factors play into the slow journey of building influence. The nameplate on the door often promises more than the experience seems to yield.

Shortly after I had arrived to pastor a wonderful congregation in Wichita, Kansas, a pastor friend told me it would be five years before I was truly leading that church. I accepted his statement, having heard the same from others, but inside I was determined to find a quicker path. Time proved him right.

David had to wait a number of years before he could even move into office, but those years weren’t wasted. That’s why he is such a fascinating study for leaders. That’s why I’m on this journey. I want to learn the real road between the anointing moment and the day one becomes the greatest king in Israel’s history.


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