Notes from the Journey with David – 29

29. Who can lay a hand on the Lord’s anointed and be guiltless? (1 Samuel 26:9).
David has his second opportunity to end Saul’s chasing, but again refuses to kill him. His words to his men fly in the face of all that seems naturally human. David will not treat Saul the way Saul is treating him. Many people will contend that the actions of another justify their own, but David knows the greater truth–I must do what is right no matter what anyone else might do. David will act with integrity regardless of Saul’s behavior. In this way, David is a man after God’s heart. God himself continues to act in love and mercy toward us in spite of our unwillingness to obey Him. He would be easily justified in giving us what we deserve, but He doesn’t. Instead, He acts according to His Word.

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