Notes from the Journey with David – 27

27. May God deal with me…if I leave alive one male of all who belong to him (1 Samuel 25:22).
Nabal’s failure to offer hospitality to David’s men brings wrath and a thirst for vengeance from the future king. The moment underscores both the priority of hospitality in the culture and David’s own expectation of being treated like the king he has not yet become. Abigail’s quick, husband-defying action prevents bloodshed, but one easily sees how quickly the proud and hateful attitude of Saul has already found expression in David’s heart too. Just a chapter ago, David is acting with undeserved generosity toward Saul. Now he’s ready to slaughter an entire family for their father’s failure to appreciate David’s kindness. For the moment, the future king has become a tyrant, and only Abigail’s high risk action keeps him from acts worthy of judgment.

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