Notes from the Journey with David – 20

20. For your servant knows nothing at all about this whole affair (1 Samuel 22:15).
Saul questions Abimelech’s loyalty, but the real issue is Saul’s unwillingness to trust anyone. He has become paranoid in his bitterness and accuses everyone around him in the preceding verses. This is what a bad attitude ultimately becomes. Friends are perceived as enemies. The innocent are accused for their normal actions. The wrong heart is in Saul, not Abimelech. Leaders who fear they are losing authority or prestige can become suspicious even of their friends.

When a leader feels his attitude toward others has become suspicious or critical, an emotional checkup is needed. Ask, “Why am I really feeling this way?” Honest introspection will probably reveal some form of insecurity that the individual’s actions have inadvertently triggered. Had Saul taken advantage of such efforts to evaluate himself, he could have avoided behaviors that caused others to lose confidence in his leadership.

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