Notes from the Journey with David – 2

2. Do not consider his appearance or his height (1 Samuel 16:7).
You would have thought Samuel had learned his lesson. True leadership isn’t demonstrated in outward appearance. Saul had been tall, with a kingly look. Now Eliab, Jesse’s eldest, offers the same look. Samuel is certain this strong looking man will be Israel’s second king. Is Samuel’s paradigm for a national leader trapped in such appearances. After Saul’s debacle, one would expect Samuel to look a little deeper. Unfortunately, paradigms present powerful limitations.

Of course, Samuel’s not the only one to be blinded by appearances. David’s own father, Jesse, sent his youngest son out to care for the sheep rather than include him in the meeting with Samuel. What an awkward moment it must have been when Samuel passed by son #7 and still had no word from God. Is this everyone? Whoops…there’s one more, but who would have thought!

THE POINT: Maybe you’re building your leadership team, trying to get the right people on your bus, and you’re struggling with the outward look. Or perhaps you’re the one who feels like the unlikely choice. Either way, it may be the most remarkable element of God’s kingdom, but He puts heart first. He looks for things within and promises to supply everything else those who serve Him will need.

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