Notes from the Journey with David – 17

17. The men’s things are holy, even on missions that are not holy (1 Samuel 21:5).
What an amazing statement. David’s daily commitment to God is seen in this discouraging moment. He has been rejected and awaits his opportunity to be king, but he remains pure. David’s men eat the sacred bread because they are desperately hungry and on a mission that’s become more challenging every day. But the future king doesn’t use his discouragement as an excuse to violate his own covenant with God.

How many let disappointment lead them to compromise? It’s easy to justify such carelessness when we are hurting. But David remains strong. He and his men have remained pure even now. Such integrity determines that right will be right no matter the excuses some might offer. That’s the kind of integrity the nation will want in a king they can trust to do what is right for them regardless of where the potential benefit for himself might be found.


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