Notes from the Journey with David – 16

16. But David wept the most (1 Samuel 20:41).
One can understand the sorrow David and Jonathan displayed when their only option was to separate. Saul’s grip on the kingdom would one day fail, but this was not that day. David’s honest emotion shows both his love for Jonathan and his disappointment that the kingdom hadn’t passed to him as he expected. He had been loyal and faithful and had been rewarded with evil and hate. The months ahead would be bitter as David wrestles with these disillusioning emotions.

But the larger question for us here asks who we have learned to love. Many are somehow able to separate leadership responsibility from loving those they lead. So leadership becomes their task with little regard for those who follow. For David, his call to leadership did not prevent him from genuinely loving Jonathan as a close friend. His leadership challenge did not divorce him from a meaningful relationship. Simply put, David didn’t simply chase the kingdom at the expense of all else. He also prioritized developing deep relationships.

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