Notes from the Journey with David – 15

15. Show me unfailing kindness (1 Samuel 20:14).
David and Jonathan’s covenant offers a superior lesson in friendship and loyalty. In spite of numerous reasons why they should have been divided, the two carve out a relationship that endures. David’s willingness to bless the family of Saul despite the way the latter treated him will be seen repeatedly in the years ahead. All such acts find their nexus in David’s integrity and in this moment and this friendship.

The point is that as a leader, you decide who you will be and how you will treat people. David could have hidden behind justifiable reasons to despise Jonathan. Saul would give him real reasons to reject such friendship. But the best leader is the one who doesn’t allow someone else’s behavior to choose his path. David acts out of his own heart toward Jonathan and his life and leadership are blessed because of it.

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